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Forensic Certification

Did you know that there are eight types of certifications offered by the International Association for Identification (IAI)?


As a chapter of the IAI, the WAI wants to encourage and support its members in becoming certified.

A Certification program serves as a practical and equitable system to readily recognize professionals engaged in the various forensic science disciplines, who possess the requisite qualifications and competence. 


Certification is based upon the candidate's personal and professional record of education, training, experience, competence, and achievement. 

Each program listed below consists of a rigorous educational process, a certification procedure, and re-certification requirements. Each is administered by a Certification Board comprised of experts in the discipline. All programs operate under a written set of procedures approved by the IAI's Board of Directors to ensure compliance with broad IAI goals and policies.


The certification programs are listed below. Click on the links and it will take you directly to the IAI Certification page where you can find information on certification prerequisites, requirements, and application details.

Bloodstain Pattern:


Crime Scene:

Forensic Art:

Forensic Photography & Imaging:

Forensic Video:

Latent Print:

Tenprint Fingerprint:

Any questions you can reach out to chair member: Shelly Czarneski at
or members: Holly Maas at or Falynne Gerisch at

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