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Detect More Evidence 8a-9:45a

Detect More Evidence: Extend Your Search Beyond The Visible

  • Ended
  • Room A

Service Description

Various types of evidence are often overlooked at a crime scene because they are not visible to the naked eye. When using an alternate light source with the proper corresponding filter, it is still possible to miss items of evidence due to background interference or improper angle of illumination. The purpose of this lecture will be to introduce attendees to various methods utilized in detecting evidence beyond the visible range. An introduction to light theory and techniques utilizing wavelengths of light beyond the visible range on notoriously difficult surfaces will be discussed. This will include ultra-violet and infrared examination to detect the presence of biological fluids and gunshot residue. Novel oblique lighting techniques will be explored to detect evidence on raised surfaces and footwear impressions. Bandpass filtering techniques will also be explored to aid in the detection of evidence at crime scenes. - Nathan Carey – Foster and Freeman

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